Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann story: Part One

1. The Messianic Theme

2. Fatima

3. The Roman Catholic Church

4. The Da Vinci Code

5. The Story of David

Deconstructing the Madeleine McCann story: Part Two

1. The Protagonist

This chapter looks at Goncalo Amaral, the book ‘The Truth of the Lie’, and how this character is presented by the story.

2. The Antagonists

This chapter looks the McCanns, Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’, and how the McCanns are presented by the story.

Death Theory Propaganda: Three Witness Statements

1. Patricia Cameron

2. Michael Terrence Wright

3. Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cameron

The Truth of the Lie: Chapter 1

Although I’m happy with my previous analysis of this book, I thought it would be interesting to take a close look at chapter one.

This chapter is probably my favourite in terms of symbolism and creativity, and I’ve been wanting to share this for a while now.

Carole Tranmer – Witness Statement Analysis

1. The Royal Family

2. Sandhurst

3. Confusion Reigns

4. Summary & Background

The Generic Child

1. The Generic Child

We have already seen examples of this in Patricia’s statement, but this time we take a closer look at David Payne’s descriptions of Madeleine.

2. Anyone for Tennis?

I never expected to be writing about this, but once I’d read this conversation between David Payne and Ivor Messiah, I couldn’t not talk about it!

‘The Truth of the Lie’ – Chapters 2-12

A further look at Amaral’s infamous book. This time we will go from chapter two through to chapter twelve.

Yvonne Martin

A brief look at this infamous witness statement.