Death Theory Propaganda

Three Witness Statements


As we have seen in the previous post, the Madeleine story presents Amaral as the protagonist and the McCanns as the antagonists. This means everyone involved in the story (from both sides) are engaged in the promotion of death theory. The Amaral side promote this directly, whereas the McCann’s side promote indirectly – this is all explained in previous post – with countless examples.

This made me think about what else the death theorists use as propaganda, which led me to these three witness statements:

1. Patricia Cameron

2. Michael Terrence Wright

3. Alexander (Sandy) Cameron

These are characters from the McCann side of the story, which means this form of propaganda will be indirect persuasion. To put this concept in the form of a question: If these people are from the McCann side of things, how come their statements are used to support the opposition’s narrative?

A summary of their situation:

After the reported disappearance, the McCanns needed somewhere else to stay in Portugal, so they rented a villa. According to the story, Patricia, Michael and Sandy all lived with McCanns during this time. They are named drivers on the infamous rental car, they assist with the children, and they help out however they can.

1. Patricia Cameron

“I am Gerry McCanns oldest sister, he is the youngest of five children. I’m married to Sandy Cameron”

According to the story, the McCann’s lived in Scotland (close to Gerry’s family) before they decided to move to Leicester.

“I can confirm that we continued to see them more or less every two months after they moved.”

Isn’t that nice? But then Kate and Gerry moved house a second time!

“Kate and Gerry went to live in Amsterdam with Madeleine before the birth of the twins. Madeleine adapted well, she went to a creche once a week as well as to swimming lessons”

Nice to hear the McCanns found a crèche while they were in Amsterdam. It’s always worth mentioning the crèche arrangement, and now swimming lessons too? Did they find an English speaking class? Or did they get one-to-one swimming lessons for this toddler?

“Kate was quite unwell during her pregnancy with the twins and many members of her family would take turns to go and help Kate and Madeleine.”

The McCanns are very lucky to have an extended family like this, with people who can easily adjust their own lives to help them out – they even took turns.


Patricia’s statement then talks about the disappearance, and in particular, the reaction of her brother Gerry.

“I remember Gerry saying that [the police] did not treat the matter with urgency and only stated that Madeleine must have left on her own and that she would be back later. It was so frustrating, Madeleine did not do things like that, she was not that kind of girl.”

Not that kind of girl? She’s not a cat! It’s a three year old human child in a foreign country – she would be lost walking twenty metres.

It’s also hard to believe this ‘homing-child’ theory was suggested by a trained police officer, but the McCann side always say negative things about the Portuguese police.

The other side do the same about the English police. In fact, in Amaral’s book, the English police are completely useless… until they start agreeing with Amaral, at which point they suddenly become amazingly efficient – you’ll what I mean in future writings.

“Gerry is normally very calm and serene, he has a logical perception of things…”

I’m surprised by the word ‘serene’ but that aside, Gerry does appear to be someone with a logical perception. I’ve watched him in dozens of interviews, and he mostly appears relaxed and in control of his words. After all, they do say emotion clouds logic.

“…but he was hysterical, he was shouting. He mentioned the possibility that that she could have been taken by a paedophile, I tried to calm him but there was nothing I could say to help him. I had never seen him so out of control. The pain and the anguish ? it was the worst scenario imaginable, the waiting was unbearable.”

Wow. You would never know he could lose control like that, not from what we’ve seen anyway.

NOTE: It’s no easy thing speaking to the media and appearing on television – not for regular people, someone who isn’t trained, or someone thrust into the spotlight – but Kate and Gerry BOTH seem to handle it very well.

Even those who dislike the McCanns must be somewhat impressed by how ‘media-friendly’ they both are. Also, when you think about it, it’s the ONLY thing we know they’re capable of – a fact we can verify because we can see it for ourselves. It is self-evident.

“In the afternoons we would go out with the children, I didnt think it was a good idea for them to be in the creche for the whole day, we tried to maintain a routine in order to give them a sense of normality.”

You had nine months to come up with this statement. Why would you imply that the children were left in the crèche for the whole day? Are you trying to make people dislike the McCanns?

Also, how many times is Patricia going to mention the crèche arrangements?

“…both Gerry and Sandy cried at the airport and I tried very hard to remain strong.”

I just can’t picture this emotional and hysterical Gerry McCann, but let’s move on…


“Madeleine was a normal girl, she loved being Sean and Amelies older sister. Being the first daughter and due to the difficulties in conceiving her, she was very pampered by her parents. Madeleine is happy, very sure of herself, friendly, open and serene. Madeleine is much loved and desired by the whole family.”

Why is everyone in this family ‘serene’?

And yes, we are aware of how Madeleine’s ‘difficult’ conception makes her special. In his witness statement David Payne used the word ‘miracle’ to describe Madeleine’s arrival into the world, and then twice used the word ‘immaculate’

The conception of ‘Madeleine’ seems to be a popular topic to these people. It’s almost like they’re trying to highlight something.

Also, do you think Patricia could be any less generic when talking about her own niece?

“Madeleine began to play tennis, she had lessons in Syston. She was also learning to swim ? In fact she is a very good swimmer.”

It’s hard to believe a three year old is a ‘very good swimmer’ but I guess those lessons in Amsterdam really paid off… and Madeleine was taking tennis lessons too? This is amazing. Tell us more about this child prodigy.

“Before she disappeared she was keen to start school. She a very intelligent little girl who loved to read books, who loved participating in activities with the family and who was learning to play cards.”

‘Before she disappeared’ – You make it sound like she performed a magic trick. Do you not think she was taken / abducted then?

And when you say ‘learning to play cards’ why do I get impression you’re not talking about Snap or Happy Families?

NOTE: Let’s not forget what Kate told us about Madeleine: how this three year old child loved reading Harry Potter books, watching Dr Who, and had seen the first three Harry Potter films.

All content advised for ages 12+

When they’re not talking about ‘Madeleine’ in the most generic way imaginable, and they finally reveal something specific about to Madeleine – like a memory of something she said or did, or what she likes to watch / read – it’s always something unbelievable.

Read more here


“Madeleine generally slept well at night, although before the birth of the twins she used to get up and go to Kate and Gerrys bed.”

If the twins were born 14 months before the disappearance, why is this relevant information?

“This situation led to a bonus point system being established if she stayed in her bed all night…”

‘A bonus points system’ which Madeleine (who was not yet two years old) completely understood. She would wake up in the middle of the night and think, “No, I really need those bonus points.”

Isn’t this entire narrative just an easy way to portray Madeleine as a child who got up during the night? Because that would be death theory propaganda – why else would these things be highlighted?

“…although sometimes the twins would go to their parents? bedroom..”

Of course they did, the twins were only 14 months old at the time of the disappearance, but these toddlers albeit babies, who are usually kept in cots, are just walking about are they? You’ll be using the ‘I’m thirsty’ line next…

“The children would generally go to their parents bed because they were thirsty or wanted one of the parents, normally Kate.”

So when Madeleine was aged 1-2 she would get up in the middle of the night and get in her parents bed, thus forcing them to implement a bonus points system?

The twins also did this, because they were thirsty one year olds who wandered about at night? How very civilised, no crying or shouting from any of them.

“The children have a good routine, to which they have been accustomed since birth.”

Having all kinds of family visiting, moving house three times and going on little holidays every five minutes?

Great routine.

“The twins go to the creche two mornings per week and Madeleine would go to reading lessons as preparation for school.”

You could turn these statements into a drinking game – every time they mention crèche.

Also, Kate said she would read Harry Potter books with three year old Madeleine, so what does she need reading lessons for? Or is Madeleine’s highly advanced ability because of these reading lessons?

Look Patricia, as much as we want to believe that ‘Madeleine’ was this perfect wonder child, I get the distinct feeling that you are messing with us.


“The nightmare continues because Madeleine is still Messing…”

An allusion disguised as a spelling mistake. Your brain instantly corrects ‘Messing’ to ‘missing’ but if we actually stop and take a look at this:

We have two “mistakes” in one word. These are not easy mistakes to make on a keyboard. The letters e and i are on the opposite sides, and to then also capitalise the M without noticing? This is not believable in the slightest, which can only mean this was done deliberately, but why?

The Madeleine story resembles fiction in almost every way, so the line ‘Madeleine is still Messing’ is in perfect alignment with that concept.

It’s an intentionally included joke that just confirms what we already suspect; this witness statement is not authentic.

I wouldn’t be here if it was.


“They recently went to the States which meant that I came to stay with the twins.”

That must have been nice for you, lots of memories to share with us, like their present crèche situation or perhaps an update on their sleeping habits?

“Normal life does not continue for them nor for any of us. I find it appalling that I was not heard nine months ago.”

After reading your witness statement, most death theorists thought exactly the same thing.

“As Gerrys oldest sister, I have spent much time with them and their children…”

Yet you’ve not told us anything about them – they have no personality.

“…and as I said earlier in this statement, the children have a good routine and there was no change in routine with respect to their bed time. The children go to bed at about 19.00 after dinner, playing, bathing, washing their faces and brushing their teeth.”

“The children are very active during the day, they get up very early at around six/seven in the morning and generally go to Kate and Gerry’s bed. Even at the weekend the children do not stay in bed for longer and do not sleep during the day. Madeleine, in particular, totally rejected the idea of sleeping during the day.”


“As far as I know the children did not wake up frequently at night, there could have been occasions when they went to see Kate and Gerry. It depends upon the time the children were with them or were sent back to their rooms.”

The children don’t wake up frequently at night, but they do wake up sometimes, and this could be one of those times? Again, why else would you be saying this?


“With regard to medication, I only remember them being given ‘Carpol’ (sic) (paracetamol) to lower their temperature and certainly never to make them sleep ? never.”

When you talk about sedating children to make them sleep, most people are going to think death, and some of those people are going to think about the 15/19 DNA result found in the rental car.

Is that why you’ve misspelt Calpol as Carpol?

Let’s just move on:


“With regard to punishment, Kate and Gerry used the ?naughty corner? which gives the child the opportunity to think about his/her actions before saying sorry. I never saw any form of physical punishment by Kate or Gerry.”

Points systems, naughty corners, perfect routines…

“Kate always managed well with the 3 children, it is an exhausting work to have children, but Kate always kept them occupied with activities or invited other children to come and play.”

She’s like Mary Poppins.

“Madeleine has never told me that she was unhappy. She was alert, happy, a normal child and much loved by many.”

Insightful, as always.

“Gerry is a competitive man, when he was young he had to chose between athletics and football. He was organised, motivated and this has continued throughout his medical career. Gerry is ambitious but with his feet set on the ground, he will never forget his roots or where he came from.”

He’s still Gerry from the block.

“Kate is stronger than Gerry in certain situations. Kate and Gerry have an equal for equal relationship and she does not hesitate to say what she is thinking. I suppose that Kate and Gerry form a very solid couple.”

Brilliant. They all sound like perfect human beings.


Patricia’s statement pushes a few narratives. The main one being that Madeleine would get out of bed at night. This fits with the theory claiming Madeleine woke up and had an accident – death theory.

Patricia mentions the crèche a number of times. This feeds into the narrative that the McCanns put their own needs before their children – neglect.

Patricia also mentions Calpol and the idea of giving the children something to help them sleep. She’s denying it happens, but there’s no denying she mentions it. This obviously feeds the death narrative, as many theorists believe the McCanns sedated their children – the idea of Madeleine woke up, maybe dazed from the drugs.

Patricia’s statement is very familiar to death theorists, but not as much as the next two witness statements…

2. Michael Terrance Wright

“My wife is Kate’s cousin and I have known Kate since she was 8 years old.”

Just stop and think about that sentence. Isn’t that an odd connection? And to still know her, and be so close. How exactly does that happen?

“She used to spend holidays on Isle of Man where I lived. My wife’s and Kate’s families are quite close.”

So you literally married the girl next door? – which is fine, obviously, but I thought that kind of thing only happened in stories.


There’s a few things I’d like to share before we continue on with Michael’s statement.

When only-child Kate was young, she would travel to the Isle of Man to visit her cousin Anne-Marie, and they would play with local lad Michael.

Why do all their little stories consist of three children? And it’s always two girls and one boy. This is now the fourth occurrence I’ve come across – and a pattern consistent with theme is a perfect example of fiction.

That aside, the more blatant inclusion is Anne-Marie’s brother Simon. You see, what Michael’s statement doesn’t mention, is that Anne-Marie’s maiden name is Cowell.

So according to the Madeleine story, Kate McCann has a first cousin called Simon Cowell. In Kate’s book, she says “Anne Marie and her brothers” but the only brother that surfaces, is Simon – we don’t even know the names of the others.

1: The name ‘Simon Cowell’ is the most contemporary pop-culture reference possible.

2: The famous Simon Cowell has also been linked numerous times to the Madeleine McCann story… even from the very beginning.

15th May 2007 – only 12 days after the reported disappearance.

According to legacy media, Simon Cowell donated a substantial amount of money to the Madeleine Fund / No Stone Unturned Ltd.

6th June 2015 – Simon Cowell and Kate McCann are linked again, this time they are both supporting the same missing children campaign.

It’s a news article about raising awareness for a charity and they STILL manage to mention Gonçalo Amaral and his theory!Talk about him all the time.

1st February 2017 – Kate McCann and Simon Cowell are linked yet again when the Missing People’s Choir appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

Kate McCann is not even in the choir, but she gets all the headlines. However, Kate is reported to be an ambassador / supporter of the choir. I’m not sure this justifies her getting all the headlines, but I suppose without ‘Kate McCann’ the choir probably wouldn’t get a platform.

I had to include this information on there beings two Simon Cowells – it would be a crime to dismiss such a perfectly contemporary allusion.

Anyway, back to Michael’s witness statement.

“I haven’t seen Kate and Gerry very often, but we always met at family events such as weddings and baptisms. I didn’t attend their wedding because my wife, Anne-Marie, was ill and we didn’t attend their children’s baptisms because we were away on holidays.”

I didn’t know Michael was a comedian.

“That said, since the birth of the twins we have met more frequently.”

When people have tiny babies, is that really the best time to start seeing them more? I bet it was Patricia who roped him into helping.

“In August 2006 they came to visit us at our house one weekend and that was very pleasant. On our side, we visited them in Rothley in November 2006 and they repeated their visit [to us] in February 2007. We work well together as a group and we know each other very well. We were planning a family holiday [together] for June 2007 at Center Park.”

The McCanns were with the Wrights in August, November and February. They then went to Portugal with other friends in April / May, and had a further holiday planned with the Wrights for June?

Is that the good routine that Patricia was talking about?

(The next part of the statement is a load of uninteresting yet intricately detailed travel plans, so I’m going to skip that part)


“With respect to Kate and Gerry’s comportment after the disappearance, I witnessed first hand their desperation, how they cried and were distraught, though never during their meetings with officials or at press conferences. It was uncomfortable to see. I also saw them organised and controlled in meetings and in front of the media, and felt proud and impressed at their power of self-control on those occasions.”

This is similar to what Patricia said, as she also described the McCanns as being emotional / hysterical behind closed doors. If this is true – which none of this is – then yes, it is extremely impressive how both of the McCanns are able to just switch it on and off.


“I drove the car regularly in August and September, doing the shopping at the supermarket, taking the house and garden rubbish to the recycling area in PdL and also taking the twins to creche and to the beach, and trips to the airport. I was also a passenger in the car at various times, mainly in June and July when Gerry and Sandy drove.”

Wow, this is almost as boring as reading your travel plans, what are you going to do next, recite all the rubbish dumps in Praia De Luz?

“There are various rubbish recycling/dump areas and we used these:

– two trash bins [skips?] at the villa, one at the main entrance and the other at the top of the hill;

– one area on the cemetery road;

– one area above the Mark Warner complex, and

– one area between the villa and the church.”

If this was a film – which it might as well be – then ‘cemetery road’ is the perfect name-drop.

“The visiting gardener always generated garden rubbish and this was usually leaves and grass.”


“Gerry and I would usually take this rubbish to the bin at the top of the property.”

At the top of the hill or to the main entrance to the property? Perhaps this a new bin you’re enthralling us with?

“I never observed anything strange in the vehicle at any time that I was in it.”

Did you try looking directly into the mirror?

“I noted some disagreeable smells on a number of occasions which I judged to have come from the twins’ nappies.”

Why would nappies be in the boot? Didn’t you just say there was two trash bins at the villa?

“Discarded nappies were collected in rubbish bags and held until thrown into the [rubbish] bins, [thereby] provoking smell.”

When a rubbish bag is full you take it to the bin, especially if it’s full of soiled nappies. People wouldn’t store rubbish bags full of nappies in a car.

“I have no knowledge of anything spilling from any article nor of any cleaning of the car after such a hypothetical spill.”

Are you sure about that Michael? You sound very certain, it’s just that we’re looking at Sandy’s witness statement next, and he says there was!

It’s really quite amazing how he managed to recite intricate travel details, then provide a full itinerary of car usage, before following it up with a detailed explanation of local waste disposal, but somehow has no knowledge of the spillage or the cleaning? Are Michael and Sandy just two ships passing in the night? Did he not think to mention the “disagreeable smells”?

NOTE: This is blatant propaganda for the mainstream counter-narrative / death theory. You plant a contradiction, add words like ‘blood’ and ‘cemetery’ whilst leaving open-ended questions, like:

What caused the “disagreeable smells”?

Isn’t that the same car the CSI dogs alerted to?

Why isn’t Michael aware of the spillage or the cleaning?

Let’s continue with the statement:

“I know that the twins travelled in the vehicle more than twenty times. For example, to creche, [to the] beach at Sagres, the airport and Burgau.”


“I am absolutely certain that Kate and Gerry were not capable of hiding Madeleine’s body and later transporting it to a dump.”

That’s strange, because your statement reads like propaganda for that very theory.


Michael’s statement echos Patricia’s narrative of how, when behind closed doors, the McCanns were highly emotional and out of control, but then somehow able to fully compose themselves in front of the world’s media.

Michael also mentions the crèche a few times, but it’s his information on disposal sites and the rental car that make this death theory propaganda.

You’ll see what I mean once it’s compared to Sandy’s witness statement.

3. Alexander (Sandy) Cameron

Quick recap:

Patricia was pushing the ‘Madeleine would get out bed’ and the ‘kids are always in the crèche’ narratives.

Michael was pushing the crèche’ narrative, but he also introduces us to ‘the rental car had a funny smell’ and ‘there’s loads of a places to dispose of things’

Let’s see what Sandy’s got to say:

“On the 27th of May of 2007, Gerry was handed a rental vehicle… with plate number 59-DA-27.”

Remember that sentence. I’ll come back to it at the end.

Now, just like Michael Wright does in his witness statement, Sandy goes into boring detail about all the things the car was used for, and he also feels the need to tell us about the gardener:

“Whilst in the villa, a gardener would arrive every week or about every 15 days. This was organized by the estate agency. The gardener would leave black rubbish bags near the gate, and on at least one occasion, I used the vehicle to remove these bags. The collection of rubbish in Portugal is not made as it is in the U.K. and for this reason, it was necessary to take the rubbish to a tip (disposal area) which was called ‘recycling area’ near the back of the Ocean Club. I used the Renault Scenic for this reason on many occasions.”

Honestly, these guys love talking about waste disposal.

Notice how Michael Wright had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the PdL waste disposal sites, but Sandy only mentions the one “near the back of the Ocean Club” – the apartments Madeleine was staying when she reportedly disappeared.

See how obvious they make it? Their experiences of disposal sites couldn’t be more different.

“On one occasion, I believe it was on July of 2007, I took Patricia to the supermarket.”

That must have been a nice change from the crèche and the rubbish bins.

“We carried bags in the boot (trunk) of the Renault Scenic; bought various items including fresh fish, shrimp and beef. When we unloaded the shopping bags, we noticed that blood has run out of the bottom of the plastic bag.”

Oh no, not BLOOD !!! And it ‘ran out’ into the boot area? I suppose you could say it ‘spilled out’ into the boot area?

Michael Wright wasn’t aware of any spillage – as he explicitly stated – so why didn’t Sandy tell him about the spillage of blood?

“After this shopping trip and still in the month of July 2007, I began to notice a strange odour in the car. I did not give it much importance and assumed it was likely due to the leakage from the rubbish bags or from the blood which had escaped from the shopping bags.”

The odour is so strange that Sandy struggles to define it. Michael said he ‘judged’ the smell to be nappies, whereas Sandy ‘assumed’ the smell was blood or leakage or the rubbish bags. Sandy doesn’t even mention nappies!

“As a result, we removed the carpet from the boot (trunk) in order to clean it. I tossed the boot carpet to remove any particles and cleaned it with a wet cloth and left it to air out.”

Sandy says there was a spillage of ‘blood’ and a clean up, and Michael has no knowledge of either of these things.

Either way, they are not helping the McCanns with all this talk of indistinguishable smells, leaking blood, disposal sites, and cleaning the boot area.

Unless of course, this is death theory propaganda. In that case, it’s perfectly written and done without subtlety.

“In my opinion, it is impossible that Kate and Gerry could have hidden Madeleine or used the car to transport her to another locale. There was always a lot of people and the media observing their movements which would make this impossible.”

He says, after dropping death bombs everywhere.

NOTE: Let’s not forget, the story tells us it was this boot area where they reportedly found bodily fluid / blood and it’s that sample that gave us the ‘15/19’ DNA result.

“As I cited previously, I have know Madeleine her whole life and saw her on many occasions. I always found her a very smart little girl and careful with strangers.”

That’s all you have to say about your niece? Surely you can do better than that.

“I also saw when she woke after a nap and after a night of sleep. She would occasionally appear irritated as she would when her parents were not present.”

Occasionally a waking child would be irritable. How insightful. Is there a reason you’re telling us this?

“For this reason, I believe that Madeleine had been awakened by a stranger she would certainly have screamed or cried out. I do not believe that there is any possibility that she would have let a stranger take her without protest.”

So you think Madeleine made noise, but nobody heard? Or did the abductor somehow manage to keep her quiet / asleep?

To be honest with you Sandy, it sounds to me like you’re arguing against abduction.

Oh right, of course you are, I almost forgot this is death theory propaganda.



Sandy talks about waste disposal, but he only names one location, whereas Michael details several locations. This is a deliberate contradiction designed to draw attention.

Sandy talks about ‘blood’ leaking in the boot and how they had to clean the inside. Michael has no knowledge of any spillage or of any clean-up. This is another blatant contradiction that draws a lot of attention.

They both give different explanations of what the smell could be, but between the two of them, they manage to leave it unexplained. This is an extremely convenient position, because it leaves it open for the audience to place a dead body there.

At the end of his statement, Sandy seems to argue against abduction, by saying how Madeleine was wary of strangers and would’ve made a noise if disturbed by one. This comment by Sandy also supports the ‘children were drugged’ narrative.



“On the 27th of May of 2007, Gerry was handed a rental vehicle… with plate number 59-DA-27.”

This rental car is very important to the death theory narrative. The much heralded DNA result ‘15/19 ‘ comes from this rental vehicle.

The date the vehicle was rented:

27 – May – 2007

27 – 5 – 27

9 – 5 – 9

Now the vehicle registration:

59 – DA – 27

59 – 41 – 27

59 – 5 – 9

Sandy writes the date first, so when you put them together it reads: 9 5 9 5 9 5 9 – what a coincidence !!!

The number plate of the rental car, and the date it was rented, both symbolise the numbers 15/19.

Here’s a picture of the rental car:

Perhaps a photoshopped registration and/or fake plate? It even starts with 59 – it’s the first thing you see!

That is the rental car the dogs alerted to, it’s the same car the DNA sample was taken from, and they are the memorable numbers that everyone has been screaming about for over a decade. Is it any surprise that a ‘5-9’ numbers game appears in one of death theorists most quoted witness statements? Not really.

There is already more than enough arguments for this statement being constructed propaganda, the additional numbers game just confirms it.

This is the third time we’ve seen a ‘numbers game’ in the PJ files: Fatima’s witness statement, Madeleine’s passport, and here. It’s also the second time they’ve alluded to 15/19.


These are not random witness statements. Michael and Sandy are the main characters when it comes to this rental vehicle. And Patricia – even though you wouldn’t know it from her statement – has spent more time with Madeleine than anyone beyond Kate and Gerry.

According to Patricia’s statement, Kate sometimes gave the children ‘Carpol’ but never to make them sleep. At the same time she tells us how Madeleine used to get out of bed a night. Both of these little stories are often highlighted by death theorists.

The contradictions between Michael and Sandy are so obviously planned in advance; to believe otherwise would make Michael and Sandy the worst ‘support team’ imaginable.

The rental car was already hugely controversial with critics, and then these guys turn up telling us stories of blood, indistinguishable smells, cemetery road, cleaning the boot area, places to dispose of things, and Madeleine being wary around strangers – there is no way she ‘would have let a stranger take her without protest.’

Then we have the rental car registration details, with both the date and the license plate symbolising the numbers 5 & 9. The same rental car they reportedly found a sample with a DNA match 15/19. source

The Madeleine McCann story really is the gift that keeps on giving. The critics urge people to read the PJ files, but every witness statement they present is just another example of constructed propaganda.

“Madeleine is still Messing”

Thanks for reading.

Peter James Cullen.

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